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Founded in 1995 by one of the country’s top dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, the DR. CRB Aesthetic and Laser Clinic is one of the Philippine’s best full-service face, body and anti-aging center. The clinic was named after its founder, Dr. Cecilia “Che” Ramos Bernad, an internationally trained doctor who believes in a patient-centered approach, with safety and a natural look as her utmost concern.

Dr. Bernad studied extensively the latest techniques in facial and body aesthetic surgery, and has been adopting unique techniques that combine both invasive and non-invasive procedures for face sculpting as well as body contouring. She has traveled internationally and nationally to present research on the latest aesthetic procedures, while attending numerous cosmetic meetings and courses in the latest techniques while perfecting her approach to natural enhancement.

At Dr. CRB, customization is key. Each person’s facial and body structure is different so we strive to find the best procedures and develop the best products.  With everything from our signature bespoke facials to our personalized anti-aging treatments, we aim to achieve that youthful, natural fresh-faced look that has become essential to us and to our clients.

We continually invest in and adopt the latest in anti-aging technology and know-how to be at the forefront of aesthetic and dermatologic science to keep our clients looking more beautiful, naturally.

“I define beauty as natural elegance. Smooth transitions in harmony are key to a natural result, whether on the face or body. I do think there is a visual and artistic component that cannot be taught and I believe this is where I can deliver superior results to my patients. I study the human face and body in shape, form and function and have the unique ability to visualize and produce natural elegant changes.”

                                                                                    – Dr. Che R. Bernad